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Our Core Values

Our Mission

 Our programming model works because it starts with individual empowerment. Our service system ensures the rights, dignity and ability of individuals and their families to exercise choice. More importantly, PCS recognizes each family’s desire to have a center that is local. Local roots afford individuals an opportunity to contribute to their community and connect closely with not only their peers, but also their friends and other dynamic and influential community members. Person Centered Services continues to flourish because it fulfills its goals to enrich the quality of life of adults with disabilities through activities and choices that empower them to be creative and conquer skills that result in a sense of worth, while enabling everyone to maximize their excitement through the world around them.

The PCS Leadership Team

Kenneth W. Albert, M.Ed., CPA
President and Founder
Ken has 30+ years of experience in ID/DD and Medicaid service areas, frequently consults and presents to the Ohio Department of DD, Ohio Association of CB/DD, CBDD Business Manager Association, and CBDD Superintendent’s Association. He provides counties across our state with ISP Development, service delivery programs, day habilitation and non-profit industry operations, and provides strategic planning for the county boards and the persons they serve.
Greg Wehr, MBA
Vice President and Founder
Greg has over 20 years of experience in the DD industry, including direct service provision. He is certified by the Ohio Department of DD as Superintendent and is licensed by the Ohio Department of Education as Treasurer and Business Manager. He has also competed in eight Special Olympic Championship Unified Events. He provides software development to support service delivery and compliance, fiscal and operational consultation to multiple county boards, assists with non-profit operations, supported employment and community integration.

Elizabeth Tucker
Operations Director
Elizabeth joined Person Centered Services in 2009, and she brings years of experience in both customer and financial services. Elizabeth’s expertize managing accounting, IT and operations has contributed tremendously to the overall growth of PCS. Elizabeth leads and manages every aspect of the core infrastructure including finance and personnel management. Her ability to communicate, organize and multitask enables our team to focus on their relationships with individuals and families instead of administrative overhead.

Jaime Thornton
Regional Director
Jaime is a 20 year healthcare veteran and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration. She serves as the link between Person Centered Services and its centers. Her experience began as an STNA and transitioned to leadership roles in office supervision, home management and staff development. Her programming experience benefits all managers as they navigate issues of compliance, staffing and service documentation. She is a Certified Red Cross First Aid/CPR Instructor. Jaime’s oversight and quality assurance initiatives strengthen the high standards of expectation that have become a trademark of the PCS brand.

Kevin Wilson
Regional Director
Kevin earned a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management, both from Fort Hays State University in Kansas. He brings 20 years of experience in a variety of disciplines in the developmental disabilities field, including personnel management and service coordination. Kevin also serves as a daily link between the PCS leadership team and its centers by reviewing compliance procedures and managing service requirements while providing guidance in programming.
Sheena Wiseman
Regional Director
Sheena advanced to Regional Director after only one year as Director of the PCS Lawrence Center. In fact, she was named “Director of the Year” in 2017. Her enthusiasm, leadership skills and attention to detail propelled her to become a valuable asset to the Leadership Team. She has been in the DD industry for 5 years as a community employment director, job coach, and day habilitation director. Sheena earned an Associate’s Degree from Kaplan University in Criminal Justice and Criminology.

Mike Ramsey
Director of Communications and Non Profit
Mike is the father of a special needs adult son and a thirty year veteran in broadcasting and marketing. He entered the field of serving individuals with DD in 2012 as director of the Marysville center. PCS is fortunate to capitalize on Mike’s marketing skills to energize the PCS brand, assist our affiliate centers in public relationships and build the nonprofit fundraising initiatives to provide resources to enable individuals to become more independent.

Brian Hagenbuch
Regional Director
Brian earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Social Work from Capital University and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the Keller Business School of Management. Prior to his appointment, Brian provided case management for the Alvis House Community Reentry Services. Brian’s experience in behavioral therapy disciplines is a strong asset to the PCS service delivery models. Brian also serves as a daily link between the PCS leadership team and its centers by reviewing compliance procedures and managing service requirements while providing guidance in programming.