The mission of PCS is to provide and coordinate person centered opportunities for meaningful integrated vocational, recreational, leisure, social, volunteer and educational activities for individuals with disabilities to enhance individual career opportunities.


  • We are problem solvers. 
  • We are partners with families and individuals.
  • We are 100% honest with families.
  • We believe the individuals we serve are adults and are treated as such.
  • We believe every individual has the ability to explore their community.
  • We believe every individual has the ability to explore career opportunities.
  • We do not settle for status quo.
  • We empower individuals to make their own choices.
  • We celebrate individual successes.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement.
  • We are open to new ideas and new challenges.




PCS embraces the “win-win-win” philosophy in its service delivery model.  This means it must be a great fit for the individual investigating new opportunities, the individuals currently sharing the experience, and the family and staff supporting the choice. 


We are here

7161 Palmer Rd SW Millersport, Ohio 43046 614-856-2123 contact@pcs4dd.com

Helping People.Changing Lives. Direct support professionals (DSPs) are individuals who work directly with people that have physical and/or intellectual disabilities. Search for jobs in your county!

In response to many requests from parents, guardians, and individuals over the years, a collaborative work group has developed this on-line tool to be used to review providers of services for people with developmental disabilities in Ohio. This easy-to-use online tool is called ProviderGuidePlus. It is intended to help people select a provider and help improve overall services. It allows people to post public reviews on providers’ services and to read others’ reviews.